Seville Fair with Andrey Zeigarnik and Elena Goroskova

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May 5, 2014 – May 11, 2014

Genre: Genre, Street, Travel

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Manager: Елена Горошкова

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Mikhail Izopeskov

© Natalia Tutova

© Natalia Tutova

49 photos from 8 authors

Lead photographer

Andrey Zeygarnik

Photographer, specialized in art-photography since 2003. A chemist by education. Has various interests, and a number of publications in the areas of chemistry, physics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, history of psychology, theory of photography. Works in a publishing house. Teaches courses on theory of composition in photography.

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About the workshop

Seville, praised by Pushkin and Mérimée is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Spain, but in whole Europe. Carmen and Don Juan walked these streets, the first fire of the Spanish Inquisition was turned here, and it was a Sevillian by birth, who has first seen the lights of the New World on the horizon. The history of Seville cannot be told even in ten years, and its architectural heritage cannot be framed, however wide is your camera lens, but we will have a chance to touch its grandeur, visiting the city during what probably is the most important annual event for the Andalusian capital - a week of Feria de Abril. During the Fair, Seville shows everything that made it, and the whole Spain, so famous: corrida, fans, traditional flounce dresses (and by the way, the "Gypsy" Andalusian dress is the only folk costume that changes with the changing fashion, so the dresses do change every year, even if only slightly).

Seville Fair is the largest fair in Spain, but also is the most private one. An outsider would only have a chance to watch from afar the prancing caballeros and smartly dressed dames in grand chariots. While the most interesting part - the fiery dances until dawn and the celebration of the real Andalusian character, that mystic "duende" - remains closed behind the doors (or, rather, behind the broad backs of the security guards) of the fancy marquee tents, where one can enter only if invited. There are more than a thousand casetas (this is how the marquee tents are named in Seville), but an outsider can only get into a few dozens, belonging to the political parties and the municipality.

In any case, our group would not face that problem - we will have a chance to witness the Fair just like an ordinary sevillian, who will definitely have friends in a few casetas. We will also witness the non-touristy flamenco show, will see a horse show with real Andalusian horses, will learn how to make paella, and spend a night listening to a sound of a guitar, waiting for the fishermen of the most ancient European town of Cadiz to sail off the open sea. If you wish, you would also have a chance to visit a corrida, which is normally fully booked few months before the show. Throughout that time, we will be accompanied by Elena Goroskova, who leaves in Spain for many years, and knows very well its culture and traditions. We will meet so many people, and we will learn and live so many interesting stories, which do not come out from a guidebook.

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Day 1: Monday, May 5

Arrival to Seville, meeting the other participants, check-in to the hotel. A picnic on the Plaza de España, introductory walk around the city. If not too tired by then, we can witness the "alumbrao", when the lights of the Fair are turned on at midnight. With the rousing cheers of the crowd, the gates and the streets of the Fair, reshaped each year in its unique way, are "brought to life" by a few hundred thousand lamps.

Day 2: Tuesday, May 6

12:00 Morning walk to the Fair, where a true "vanity fair" takes place - well-groomed prancers and grand chariots, the most beautiful horsewomen in sumptuous clothes and caballeros in riding folk suits parade the streets of the Fair.
15:00 Late lunch in one of the casetas of the Fair among the locals. Tasting the real delicacies of the Fair - the best Huelva shrimps, the most delicious jamón and the fried fish straight off the sea, and all that accompanied by a tricky, but very refreshing typical drink of the Fair - rebujito, made from Jerez wine and soda water.
18:00 Willingly, you can visit the corrida and cast your own judgement on this controversial Spanish tradition. The rest of the group will go for a photo shooting session to the scenic Triana - part of the town across the bullfighting arena.

Day 3: Wednesday, May 7

10:00 Walk around the old town, which wakes up slowly in the festive morning.
14:00 Lunch on one of the roofs of Seville - we would prepare a classical Spanish paella ourselves on an open fire and will enjoy it with the Sevillian music in the background, and the view on the old town in front of us.
19:00 In the evening we will meet a famous Sevillian photographer Aitor Lara, who will tell us about his own experience in shooting folk festivals, and will participate in the discussion of the photos shot during the past days In Seville.

Day 4: Thursday, May 8

11:00 A short drive to a classical Spanish cortijo (ancient rural noble house) with a visit of a horse show with real Andalusian horses.
16:00 A walk to the Fair, where on that day the Andalusian horses also become the main attraction - the best horse masters will compete on this occasion.
19:00 Review of the photos.
21:00 We will visit a tablao, hidden away on the narrow streets of the old town, where we will watch an authentic, non-touristy flamenco show in a homey and lively atmosphere.

Day 5: Friday, May 9

In the morning we will leave for Cadiz, one of the most ancient cities in Europe, mentioned yet in the Bible. For the 3000 years of its history, Cadiz has seen many victories and defeats, while its beauty was so apparent that Havana and Montevideo were built to resemble that city. We will check-in to the hotel, have a lunch in one of the taverns in the old town and have some rest.
18:00 Review of the photos.
20:00 We will go to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, called La Caleta (this is where one of the latest James Bond movies were shot on location), will walk to the lighthouse, will watch the sunset on the Atlantic ocean (around 21:15) and will arrange a picnic dinner right there, on the shore of the ocean, with a small concert of classical Spanish guitar. Those, who will still have enough energy can stay on the beach til the dawn, warming up themselves with the plaid blankets and wine, and waiting for the fishermen to sail off the open sea at around 5am in the morning.

Day 6: Saturday, May 10

10:00 Morning walk around Cadiz with a visit to the central market, where one can taste the real local delicacies – oisters and sea-urchins.
13:00 We leave on a catamaran boat to Puerto-de-Santa-Maria, fishing village, from where Columbus set sail for the second expedition to the Americas. During that week, Puerto will be preparing for its own Fair, which always takes place right after the one in Seville. We will have a lunch in one of the typical taverns, will taste the local wine, the famous Jerez.
19:00 Final review of the photos, selection of the best photos, rest.

Day 7: Sunday, May 11

Farewell and departure.

Useful information

Workshop participation fee is 1800€ per person, including:

- participation to the practical workshop on photography and processing, photography review sessions
- services of a Russian speaking fixer
- Aitor Lara's participation to the photography review session
- 4* hotel accommodation (twin)
- breakfasts
- all the necessary permissions
- transport (local transfers)
- two picnics (Day 1 and Day 5), ingredients for the paella (Day 2), except for the alcoholic beverages

Additional individual expenses (not included):

- cost of the air ticket to Seville / from Sevilla (or Jerez) (starting from 500€ from Moscow)
- lunches, dinners (~50-80€ a day)
- alcoholic beverages, personal expenses
- transfer from/to the airport

Single accommodation supplement – 400€.

Deposit (non-refundable) – 600€.

Nota bene! It is necessary have a notebook for the review and selection of the photos - we will have daily discussions of the photo-shooting session results. Note that, as a rule, iPad's and other pads are not sufficient for this purposes. Notebook is necessary to have in order to transfer the shots made during the day, make the initial selection, process the photos (if necessary) and save the results to a USB-drive for the consequent discussion with the use of a projector. This activity takes time, which is very valuable during our workshops. Thus, it is not advisable to count on a possibility of borrowing a notebook from the other photography workshop participants (they would not be able to borrow you their notebook, since they would need it themselves).