Sicily with Andrey Zeigarnik

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Oct 31, 2013 – Nov 7, 2013

Genre: Art, Street

The workshop has been completed

Алекс Белов, Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Elena Zagitova

© Ekaterina Veber

© Andriy Novak

54 photos from 8 authors

Lead photographer

Andrey Zeygarnik

Photographer, specialized in art-photography since 2003. A chemist by education. Has various interests, and a number of publications in the areas of chemistry, physics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, history of psychology, theory of photography. Works in a publishing house. Teaches courses on theory of composition in photography.

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About the workshop

In Sicily we have chosen two cities, most interesting from the point of view of street photography and having a good time. They provide us with a chance to get deeper into the real Sicilian life and take a lot of impressive photos.


Catania is a cozy seaside city, full of people, combining quarters with pedestrian streets, full of life and street markets, cozy and beautiful city center, typical for an ancient European city, and quarters, which are most interesting for us, photographers - the ones we call "slums". The latter are not dangerous, and you can spend your time there having fun and shooting good photos. people are friendly and do not react aggressively seeing the cameras pointed at them.


Palermo is a big city with typical for such a city contrasts. there are four historical quarters, each with its own character. There are quesrters with narrow streets, with "tuk-tuks" passing you by all the time, yards with kids, noise, laundry set to dry in the streets, people, talking to the neighbors from the buildings accross the street standing on the balconies. There is a unique Ballaro market, and a flea-market nearby. It's a mixture of Europe and Asia.

Both cities are on the seaside. While not really beach resorts in themselves, it is quite each to find a place to swim in the sea nearby. Needless to say about the food and wine!

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Day 1 (October 31, Thursday)
Arrival to Catania, check in to the hotel, meeting the group.

Day 2 (November 1, Friday)
Street-photography in Catania.

Day 3 (November 2, Saturday)
Street-photography in Catania, discussion of photos.

Day 4 (November 3, Sunday)
Departure to Palermo (about 3 hours), check in to hotel, getting acquainted to the city.

Day 5 (November 4, Monday)
Street-photography in Palermo, discussion of photos.

Day 6 (November 5, Tuesday)
Street-photography in Palermo, discussion of photos.

Day 7 (November 6, Wednesday)
Street-photography in Palermo, discussion of photos.

Day 8 (November 7, Thursday)
Departure day.

Nota bene. We can organize a day trip to the nearby beaches (Mondello or Cefalu) during one of the days in Palermo. The sea is still warm in that time of the year (about 22°C).

Useful information

Format of the trip

This is a practical workshop on street photography. In a good company and led by experienced photographer. The workshop envisages mainly individual shooting on sites. Andrey is planning to join each participant for the walks around the cities. A lot of time will be dedicated to the joint (group) discussions of the photos taken. Besides that, each participant can have a special session, when the leading photographer would review all the photos shot (without prior selection), and help with the analysis of the photographies made and the selection of the best photos.

Who is this workshop intended for?

Anyone can join the group. There are no particular requirements as regards to the photo equipment or the level of preparedness. The only thing that you need to have is a desire to shoot artistically. For the beginners, it is desirable to master basic shooting skills, some knowledge of camera controls and elementary skills in photo processing, so we lose less time on discussing technical aspects.

Note. It is best for those flying from Moscow to take tickets to Catania, and back from Palermo, via Rome or MIlan (Alitalia or Aeroflot flights)