Arctic ExpeDEERtion with Pavel Kosenko

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Feb 11, 2015 – Feb 16, 2015

Genre: Genre, Landscape, Travel

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Pavel Kosenko

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Dmitry Kuznetsov

© Dmitry Kuznetsov

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Lead photographer

Pavel Kosenko

Colorist photographer. Devout color explorer and an author of numerous articles on photography and image processing. An author of The Living Digit book (published by Treemedia in 2013). A co-founder of the Fotoproekt, a chain of photolaboratories and a photoschool. An organizer and participant of a number of photo tours across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. An author of a very popular Russian blog on photography and travel.

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About the workshop

You are invited to Club Frameway's first-ever Arctic expedition. We'll visit the town of Naryan-Mar north of the Polar Circle and Malozemelskaya Tundra around it. Be prepared for herds of reindeer and their breeders, raw-hide tents a.k.a. chums, native women, keepers of nomadic households, and, with luck, Northern lights – they are common this time of the year. Matvey Chuprov, a font of local lore, known and respected in the most far-off camps, will guide us. We'll cross the tundra in snowmobiles and trecols, spend two nights in hunting lodges, rest from traveling in a comfortable hotel and discuss the snapshots taken. After the trip a photo book with everyone's pictures will be published and distributed to make memories last.

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Day 1
February 11, Wednesday

Arrival in Naryan-Mar, check in hotel. An introductory lecture about special considerations, technical and ethical, when shooting in the Arctic. A welcome dinner.

Day 2
February 12, Thursday

We set out early on snowmobiles into the tundra. Take pictures at deer breeders' farms and camps. Spend the night in a hunting lodge.

Day 3
February 13, Friday

Continue exploring the tundra, talk with deer breeders and chum women. Sleep the night in the lodge.

Day 4
February 14, Saturday

We get back to the city in the afternoon. Civilized rest, a restaurant dinner, photo review and picture selection.

Day 5
February 15, Sunday

In the morning we'll discuss the pictures, then drive a trecol to an Arctic village, Nelmin-Nos. Shoot in the village, talk to locals, see a Nenets folk band rehearse in the village club. Come back to the city. A farewell dinner.

Day 6
February 16, Monday

Departure day.

Useful information

The price includes: a standard single suite in Naryan-Mar's best hotel Zapolyarnaya Stolitsa while we are in town, rent of snowmobiles with sleighs and fuel, guide fees, stay in a hunting lodge with a diesel-generator, payments to deer breeders, a cross-country baggie for a round trip to Nelmin-Nos, extra warm clothing (if necessary), food and alcohol (vodka) while out in the tundra, taxis, final printed photo book.

This time of the year temperatures are usually between -15 and -25º C. Bring warm clothes and footwear and a sleeping bag for the nights in the lodge (it will be about +10 to +20º C in there). Additional clothing for riding snowmobiles will be provided. Each snowmobile will carry three passengers, one sitting behind the driver/guide and two in a sleigh. Lodges have heating. Spread out sleeping bags on plank beds or on the floor.