Cuba with Petr Lovigin

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Feb 7, 2014 – Feb 17, 2014

Genre: Genre, Street, Travel

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Rashid Zakirov

© Rashid Zakirov

© Natalia Tutova

79 photos from 13 authors

Lead photographer

Petr Lovygin

Renowned Russian photographer, photo-scriptwriter, "writer", clip-maker. A returning participant in the Moscow Biennale, "Fashion and style in photography" festival, as well as the large European fairs. Worked for several years with the projects of Yevgeny Grishkovets, publishing consequently first the "Costarica-soul", and then the "Indian summer" books.

List of participants is visible to the club members, who have attended at least one workshop.

About the workshop

"Everything on this Island is not as it should be, but damn, it's like a magnet, and you want to return there again and again... Abundant sun of Havana, litres of Havana Club, Chevy's of the 50's, and Mercedeses colored sky blue, empty shelves in the grocery shops, and the omnipresent Jiguli cars, Carribean "Back in the USSR", club "Cecilia" and cuba libre, wonderful muchachas and chicas, and the "headcount" of yonki: who knows – will understand, and who does not... well, it's all in front of you then!"
Petr Lovigin

It's a practical master-class in genre and street photography, as well as a joint work on an art project. As an outcome of the journey, a photo-album with the selection of the best photos taken during the trip, will be printed and distributed to the participants of the master-class.

The workshop envisages mainly individual shooting on sites (we will have enough time for that), as well as some joint sessions with the group leader. We will also have a number of joint meetings (we will be equipped with a projector), when a group discussion of the best photos taken by the participants during the trip, will be taking place.

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Day 1: Friday, February 7

Day of arrival to Havana – from Moscow it is most convenient to take the direct Aeroflot flight (arrival to Havana at 17:15), or the Air France flight via Paris (arrival to Havana at 15:10). Check-in to the hotel, joint dinner, after which Petr Lovigin will make an introduction to the program.

Day 2: Saturday, February 8

We walk the streets of Havana the whole day (the list of interesting site from the point of view of photography will be provided). In the evening, we discuss the first impressions during the dinner.

Day 3: Sunday, February 9

We continue exploring Havana for the first half of the day. Closer to the evening we get together in the hotel meeting room to discuss the photos made. The discussion continues during the dinner.

Day 4: Monday, February 10

After having breakfast we pack our staff, and transfer to Trinidad with a bus. The journey will take about 4 hours. On our way, we will make a stop in Cienfuegos town, where we will also have lunch. Upon arrival to Trinidad, we check-in to the hotel, and after a short rest, go for a walk around the city.

Day 5: Tuesday, February 11

We continue exploring Trinidad for the first half of the day. Closer to the evening we get together in the hotel meeting room to discuss the photos made. The discussion continues during the dinner.

Day 6: Wednesday, February 12

After having breakfast we get ourselves to the bus once again, and continue our journey towards the south-eastern part of Cuba. On the half-way, we stop in Camagüey, where we also have lunch. It's a long road, but the bonus is that the hotel, where we arrive late in the afternoon (we take it under "All Inclusive" terms) is located right on one of the best beaches in Cuba – Playa Esmeralda, next to the Holguin town. We relax after the long trip.

Day 7: Thursday, February 13

In the morning we have a chance to get into the ocean again. Then, we make a short trip to a nearby Gibara town, the one that suffered a lot few years ago due to the Ike hurricane. On arrival back to the hotel, we discuss the photos made, first in a more formal setting, and then on the shore of the ocean, with a cocktail in our hand.

Day 8: Friday, February 14

Last dive into the ocean in the morning, and a couple of hours drive to Santiago-de-Cuba, the second largest city in Cuba after Havana. After having had the rest on the ocean beach, we should be more eager to get into the street-photography again.

Day 9: Saturday, February 15

We continue to walk the streets of the city throughout the first half of the day, and closer to the evening get together once again in the hotel meeting room to discuss the photos made. The discussion continues during the dinner.

Day 10: Sunday, February 16

We take a morning flight to Havana, check-in to the already familiar hotel, and, having now gained more experience in photographing Cuba, take the photos that we failed to take in the beginning of the program. Closer to the evening we get together for a final discussion of all the pictures taken during the 10 days by all the participants, and select the best ones, those that will find their place in a photo-album that we will print and distribute among the participants of the trip. A farewell dinner.

Day 11: Monday, February 17

Departure day. Air France (via Amsterdam) departs to Moscow at 17:30, while the direct Aeroflot flight takes off at 19:00, we will still have a chance for the final walk in Havana.

Useful information

Planned expenses (see the sum above) include:

  • accommodation in hotels on a BB basis (twin occupancy)
  • accommodation in hotels in Trinidad and on Playa Esmeralda on All Inclusive basis
  • internal flight from Santiago-de-Cuba to Havana, including the transfer to Santiago-de-Cuba airport from the hotel, and from the Havana airport to the hotel
  • bus transfer: Havana - Trinidad - Playa Esmeralda - Santiago-de-Cuba

Planned expenses do not include:

  • air tickets to/from Havana
  • transfer from Havana airport on arrival to and on departure from Cuba
  • lunches, dinners (apart from ones in the hotel on Playa Esmeralda)

Single occupancy supplement is $400.