Photo expedition to Armenia with Alexander Zheleznyak

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Jun 15, 2013 – Jun 23, 2013

Genre: Genre, Landscape, Travel

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Ekaterina Veber

© Mikhail Gribkov

© Валентин Розломий

39 photos from 11 authors

Lead photographer

Александр Железняк

Editor in chief of the National Geographic Traveler (Russia), photographer. Worked as a staff photographer for the "Vokrug Sveta" magazine, collaborated with a number of magazines on cultural and touristic issues. Authored a number of articles and photo-reports from around the world. His hobbies include history, ethnography, mountain skiing and yachting.

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About the workshop

Dear friends! We would like to invite you to join our photo-expedition to Armenia in June 2013. This time the group is led b Alexander Zheleznyak! The program is oriented to beginner photographers. The level of difficulty is minimal, and the level of enjoyment and usefulness is maximal :)

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Day 1, Saturday, June 15

Arrival day. Meeting in the airport, transfer, check-in to the hotel, walk around the city center, welcome dinner.

Day 2, Sunday, June 16

Food market in the morning, and then we leave to Etchmiadzin, the religious center of the Armenians, where we will participate in Sunday liturgy. We continue our way to lake Sevan, particularly beautiful in the sunset. Later on we will have have a chance to taste different fish dishes, and dance to Armenian tunes in a very characteristic and cozy restaurant on the shores of the lake. Overnight in a hotel on the shore of the lake.
Day 3, Monday, June 17

In the morning we head north again, and will pay a morning visit to the town of Dilijan and the Goshavank monastery, which is particularly beautiful in the autumn. Then we will be passing the areas populated by molokans, sectarian Christians of Russian origin, who were expelled to Armenia by the Russian Tsar Nikolai I about two centuries ago. We will try to get in contact with them, even if the community is not very open. We will reach the city of Vanadzor just in time to have a lunch in a beautiful open-air restaurant in the Botanical Garden. Then we will meet a local craftsman - stone carver named Bogdan. Later, we will head north, will visit the Odzun basilica, and will have a photo session from the edge of the Debed river canyon. Overnight in Haghpat village

Day 4, Tuesday, June 18

Early in the morning we will head towards Haghpat monastery, where the morning light, passing through the high and narrow windows of the monastery buildings makes a beautiful setting for photography. We will also visit another UNESCO heritage site, Sanahin monastery, and admire the frescoes of the nearby Akhtala Monastery. Then we return to Yerevan

Day 5, Wednesday, June 19

Once again we will wake up early in the morning to drive towards the highest mountain of Armenia - Aragats. We will visit the Amberd Castle, and will have a chance to meet the semi-nomadic and very friendly community of kurds-ezidis. We will also have a chance to walk around the village of Byurakan, where we will also visit an old master, making traditional Armenian musical instruments. Later on we will learn how the traditional Armenian bread - lavash - is made, visit the Saghmosavank Monastery on the edge of the deep Kazakh river canyon, and have a dinner at a house of the local artist. We continue our way to Gyumri.

Day 6, Thursday, June 20

After an early morning visit to the food market, we continue our way up the hills surrounding Yerevan to visit a Hellenistic Garni Temple, situated on top of a beautiful Azat river canyon. Then we continue our way up the mountains towards the medieval Geghard Monastery, partly cut into the rock. Both cites are interesting as well from the point of view of genre photography - here we can meet village dwellers, who sell locally produced sweets and fruit from their gardens. After dinner in a fish restaurant, we return to Yerevan

Day 7, Friday, June 21

We will leave Yerevan early in the morning, to drive south towards the Khor Virap Monastery, located right next to the present Turkish border, and famous for the superb views on the biblical Mount Ararat. We will cross the Tukh Manuk mountain pass to reach the wine regions of Armenia, and the Areni village in particular. Just before the dusk we will drive to the nearby Noravank Monastery, which is located among the red rocks, and is particularly beautiful in the sunset. Return to Yerevan

Day 8, Saturday, June 22

In the morning we walk the narrow street of an old district of Yerevan called Kond. The we continue exploring the city.

Day 9, Sunday, June 23

Departure day