Sri Lanka with Petr Lovygin

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Jan 25, 2015 – Feb 2, 2015

Genre: Travel, Street, Genre

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Natalia Malyutina

© Natalia Malyutina

© Natalia Malyutina

28 photos from 5 authors

Lead photographer

Petr Lovygin

Renowned Russian photographer, photo-scriptwriter, "writer", clip-maker. A returning participant in the Moscow Biennale, "Fashion and style in photography" festival, as well as the large European fairs. Worked for several years with the projects of Yevgeny Grishkovets, publishing consequently first the "Costarica-soul", and then the "Indian summer" books.

List of participants is visible to the club members, who have attended at least one workshop.

About the workshop

"Ceylon... It may be India Light, but it still makes an impression. Get to see the coolest stuff the island can boast - fruit and vegetables heaped up next to plump little skirt-wearing belly-scratching men, fish bazaars, Tupac Shakur's unknown grave in Kandy, halal shish-kebabs on Colombo quay, kites stretching all the way to Chennai, elegant tuk-tuks racing to tea plantations, people sitting on crosses hammered into the tide, Jesus-like, waiting for fish and better days. A country where if you look at someone longer than half a second, he'll beam back a gap-toothed smile.

Get on a Sri Lankan train, lean out of a window as it picks up speed, dodging telegraph poles, feel it rumble down a sea shore, look ahead where the head of the train dives into the palms. Buy a nugget of baked crapola from a peddler's tray and pray to God to survive it. High-five a row of arms waving from the next track when the wheels start turning..." Petr Lovygin

This is a workshop for genre and street photography and includes a common creative project. Pictures made during the trip will go in a photo book, and every participant will get a printed copy.

Enough time will be allowed for independent shooting as well as working with the head of the group. We have a projector to regularly review and discuss pictures taken on the trip.

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Day 1. Sunday, January 25 

Arrival. Landing in Colombo, check in a hotel facing the ocean 15 minutes away from the airport. Rest from the flight, then a welcome dinner.

Day 2. Monday, January 26

We set out early to Colombo's colorful wholesale grocery market Manning for genre snapshots. Plenty of materials for exotic street photography here. Breakfast, then we continue to take pictures in Petta district. After 9 a.m. it turns into a lively market where one can find anything. Back to hotel, discuss the pictures, then siesta and the sea. In the evening we go out to Colombo again and shoot on the quay. Locals come to stroll here in the evening. Also shoot in Slave Island district.

Day 3. Tuesday, January 27 

Set out with the dawn to Negombo to snap pictures of fishermen coming home with a night catch in outrigger canoes – oruvas. We follow them to the fish bazaar, watch them unload fish, come back to hotel when it gets hot. Rest up, pack our stuff and travel to Kandy. We should arrive in the afternoon and check in a hotel. In the evening – picture review and supper.

Day 4. Wednesday, January 28 

Shoot in Kandy in the morning, walk on bustling streets (the town is a former capital of Sri Lanka). Lunch, siesta, in the evening we take a trip to Matale, which is unusual in being almost tourist-free. On return dinner and photo review.

Day 5. Thursday, January 29 

Early on we take another highly scenic route winding through tea plantations to Hill Country. Travel to a small railway station in Nanu Oya, leave bags in the bus, get on a train and continue together with the locals to Demodara station. We should have about two hours time for genre snapshots of passengers and enjoying the view. When we get out, the bus will be waiting. We'll go to a picturesque little town called Ella for refreshment from the heat and camp there for the night.

Day 6. Friday, January 30

On this day we take a long but interesting trip to the south shore. There'll be stops along the way at hamlets deep in the countryside, chances to stretch your legs and snap the shutter. We put up at a hotel on the ocean beach, rest and prepare for another review session.

Day 7. Saturday, January 31

Set out in tuk-tuks in small groups to Galle, a fortified town which has seen Portuguese, Dutch, British rule. It makes a nice contrast with other towns on the island. Review pictures come night.

Day 8. Sunday, February 1

Another walk through Galle in the morning, or another swim in the Indian Ocean if you prefer, then check out and go back to Colombo. A final review and discussion of photography work on the trip. A farewell dinner.

Day 9. Monday, February 2