Expedition to the Kingdom of Mustang with Ivan Dementievsky

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Sep 24, 2014 – Oct 3, 2014

Genre: Travel, Landscape, Genre

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Manager: Ivan Dementievskiy

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Dmitry Kuznetsov

© Dmitry Kuznetsov

© Dmitry Kuznetsov

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Lead photographer

Ivan Dementievskiy

Photographer, traveler, journalist. Organizer of expeditions to hard-to-get-at corners of the Earth, explorer of the remote regions, small peoples of the world. Author of the "Kingdom of Mustang" book, and a numer of publications in journals, and online media.

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About the workshop

Photo expedition to Mustang, group leader Ivan Dementievsky Mustang kingdom is a sacred place in the Nepal Himalayas. Ivan Dementievsky has made travel to the planet’s pristine and secret places his life’s work. In 2007 he made the first of his several journeys to Mustang, and this September he’ll lead an expedition there. We’ll cross mountains, canyons and high passes and, thanks to jeeps, be among the first to complete a quick trip from the foothills to upper Mustang.

Our ultimate destination is Lo Manthang, Mustang’s ancient capital 3700 m above sea level, where tradition keeps history alive through generations. First settlers came to this place about 6 centuries ago, and the kingdom of Mustang was born out of numerous bloody conflicts that followed. Being so remote from the rest of the world, Mustang has managed to retain an original culture, colored by a centuries-old adherence to Bon shamanism. Women here still style their hair in complex turquoise-ornamented shapes, a maze of houses keeps away cutting winds and evil spirits, and hearths are stoked with yak manure, the default fuel of Tibetan highlanders.

Take this chance to see Mustang this fall before snows cut off the mountain passes.

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Day 1
September 24, Wednesday

Arrival to Kathmandu, the group assembles. Check-in. Those who fly in earliest may rest from the flight or take a walk in the city. In the evening we’ll have supper together, introduce ourselves and listen to introductory information about the photo expedition. We’ll break up early to be fresh next morning for our flight to Pokhara.

Day 2
September 25, Thursday

Really early breakfast, at 6 a.m. or so, then off to the airport. All air travel in Nepal is best-done in the morning because of turbulence. After we land in Pokhara there will be enough time to explore this resort town, have a normal lunch and a little red dry wine. There’s a gorgeous lake in Pokhara too, and we’ll watch the sun do down from the shore.

Day 3
September 26, Friday

Again an early rise, breakfast and we fly out to Jomsom. If weather is bad, we’ll go by car. We’ll spend a couple of hours in Jomsom and move out to Kagbeni, a Tibetan village. Porters will be hired to carry our stuff just this stretch of the road; afterwards we and the baggage will travel by car and legwork will be limited to villages and towns. The hike will last about 3 hours, and it’s necessary to get our bodies accustomed to functioning at these heights. Of course, we’ll also use this time for landscape photography, whatever the weather.

Day 4
September 27, Saturday

Sleep the night in Kagbeni, get on a jeep and drive out to Zaranj. There we’ll make sure to go up and down the village and thereabouts, cameras at the ready, by way of a second stage of adaptation. The trip to Zaranj will take some 5 hours or a little longer. We’ll pass through a few villages along the way and can put up there for a while, walk about, take a few shots.

Day 5
September 28, Sunday

Sleep the night in Zaranj and head out to our final destination Lo Manthang. It’ll take about 2 hours. After lunch and until late we’ll roam around Lo and talk to people living there, making pictures, of course.

Day 6
September 29, Monday

We’ll spend the entire day in and around the city.

Day 7
September 30, Tuesday

Before breakfast we’ll shoot in town. After breakfast you’ll have an hour to pack before we leave Jomsom. The trip is about 8 hours long, but we’d better fit it all in a day so we’ll have a whole day left for unexpected delays, or if none happen, we can make the most of it in Kathmandu.

Day 8
October 1, Wednesday

In the morning we’ll fly out of Jomsom to Pokhara and from there to Kathmandu (there’s no way to fly from Kathmandu to Jomsom). We’ll be arriving at Kathmandu in late afternoon and probably too tired for exploring. Celebration dinner perhaps?

Day 9
October2 , Thursday

A freeish day in Kathmandu. Usually people spend a half a day buying souvenirs and such, so we’ll start by going to a few authentic places such as cremation sites, great Buddhist stupas etc. That way you’ll have the afternoon to yourself, whether you choose to go shopping or take pictures in town.

Day 10
October 3, Friday

Departure. Participants will have the time to get home and prepare for the coming working week.In the photo expedition format there is no time set aside for picture review, so you don’t have to bring a notebook. But you will be able to ask the head of the group any questions about photography you might have. We’ll sum up the trip’s results in a definitive way 2 weeks after, once everyone has uploaded their pictures to frameway.ru and Ivan has selected the best of the stock.