Bolivia with Petr Lovygin

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Oct 21, 2015 – Oct 31, 2015

Genre: Genre, Landscape, Street, Travel

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Anna Zhdannikova

© Andriy Sanosyan

© Anna Zhdannikova

31 photos from 8 authors

Lead photographer

Petr Lovygin

Renowned Russian photographer, photo-scriptwriter, "writer", clip-maker. A returning participant in the Moscow Biennale, "Fashion and style in photography" festival, as well as the large European fairs. Worked for several years with the projects of Yevgeny Grishkovets, publishing consequently first the "Costarica-soul", and then the "Indian summer" books.

List of participants is visible to the club members, who have attended at least one workshop.

About the workshop

"An island of security in the hinterlands of South America, Bolivia’s color is earthy, speckled with scarlet and blue dresses of short, squat women trudging down the streets of its colonial cities Potosi and La Paz. With perfect legs beneath the poncho rim, children hanging on the back like the next market batch, fine hats and lamas on a rope, they give Bolivia’s its face. Not every country has one. Bolivia also has Uyuni lake, a salt mirror to the sky, the Andes, Titikaka, Evo Morales, Potosi mines with their grimy diggers... Enough to merit a place in the Top 5 most interesting countries I’ve visited — and that’s saying a lot."

Petr Lovygin

This is a workshop for genre and street photography and includes a common creative project. Pictures made during the trip will go in a photo book, and every participant will get a printed copy.

Enough time will be allowed for independent shooting as well as working with the head of the group. We have a projector to regularly review and discuss pictures taken on the trip.

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Day 1
Wednesday, October 21

Arrival at La Paz, the world’s highest administrative capital above sea level. We’ll check in a hotel in the city center, make introductions and go out for a welcome dinner.

Day 2
Thursday, October 22

You may need a few days to adjust to the altitude of 3600 m, and until then long walks in the city may be tiring. But if you try to walk downhill and take taxis for the other direction you may be able to snap up enough interesting pictures for the first review.

Day 3
Friday, October 23

The body should adopt by this point, so you may be able to venture farther away from the hotel and find more exciting targets. We’ll sort through the tropheys.

Day 4
Saturday, October 24

At 9:30 a.m. we’ll head to the airport and fly to Sucre, a city of modest size but nonetheless Bolivia’s official capital. Check-in, then a photo walk on the streets followed by a review of pictures.

Day 5
Sunday, October 25

In the morning we’ll stop by Indian market Tarabuko, open on Sundays. It’s outside of Sucre. We should try to get there early to watch this rural place wake up and fill with people. In the afternoon we’ll continue to explore Sucre, and in the evening have another picture review.

Day 6
Monday, October 26

We’ll take jeeps in the morning to Potosi, which in the 17th-18th centuries was one of the world’s largest cities and manufacturing centers. After we check into the hotel, we’ll walk on the streets and review pictures.

Day 7
Tuesday, October 27

In the morning we’ll drive out to silver mines in Cerro Rico, then come back to hotel, have lunch and ride jeeps to the largest salt lake in the world, Uyuni. We’ll stop by a locomotive graveyard at sunset, then spend the night at a hotel made entirely from salt.

Day 8
Wednesday, October 28

An early jeep visit to the salt lake: first to Kolchani village, the best place to learn how salt is extracted, then to Incahuasi Island for a dinner on the waters. Finally Villamar, where we’ll discuss pictures and sleep the night.

Day 9
Thursday, October 29

Rising early, we’ll continue on route, pausing to watch flamingos by the Red Lagoon and dip into Sol de Maniana’s hot springs, then slowly drive back. We’ll make a stop at a half-abandoned mining town Pulacayo and sleep the night at Uyuni.

Day 10
Friday, October 31

Set out for the airport to catch the morning Uyuni-La Paz flight. Check-in, hold the last picture review, then a farewell stroll through La Paz and supper.

Day 11
Saturday, October 31

Departure from La Paz.