Winter Armenia with Pavel Kosenko and Karen Hovhannisian

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Mar 5, 2016 – Mar 12, 2016

Genre: Art, Genre, Landscape, Travel

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Valeriy Bukhnin

© Natalia Tutova

© Natalia Tutova

92 photos from 9 authors

Lead photographer

Pavel Kosenko

Colorist photographer. Devout color explorer and an author of numerous articles on photography and image processing. An author of The Living Digit book (published by Treemedia in 2013). A co-founder of the Fotoproekt, a chain of photolaboratories and a photoschool. An organizer and participant of a number of photo tours across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. An author of a very popular Russian blog on photography and travel.

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About the workshop

Winter trips are becoming a good tradition at Frameway. They are popular for bringing new subjects to well-travelled photographers. This time we’ll journey to Armenia — a country which has already welcomed Frameway’s groups four times. Many Frameway veterans keep coming back here, often taking their wives and children along. With us things are never dull!

On this trip you can look forward to the majesty of snowy peaks and the warmth of human hearts. We’ll see Lake Seven, gorgeous this time of the year, one of the best Soviet-era health resorts Tsaghkadzor, the world’s longest ropeway lift leading to Tatev monastery. Tasty fruit vodka, preserved from autumn, will help inspire us to thoughtful walks over fresh snow and serve as a fine conversation starter with the locals. Of course, we also hope to see the great Ararat rise in the crystal-clear air over ancient snow-covered churches.

This photo trip is perfect for bth experienced photographers and newbies. The group is casual and friendly, and we’ll teach you all you need to know about technique. You’ll also expand your understanding of contemporary photography and your creative interests in it. There will be regular discussions and reviews of pictures taken on the trip, and everyone will get a printed album of the best images.

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Day 1: Saturday, March 5th

Arrival at Yerevan. Check into our hotel, get to know each other, welcome dinner at the end of the day.

Day 2: Sunday, March 6th

An early breakfast will be followed by a stroll through a waking Yerevan. We’ll be back at the hotel by midday and drive out north. First stop is Saghmosavan village, then Saghmosavank monastery atop Kasakh River’s gorge. We’ll have lunch on the brink at the house of a local painter. Then we’ll go higher, to Byurakan village, walk, take pictures and say hi to the locals. Unless the road is blocked by snow we’ll move on to Amberd, a ruined fortress, and near sundown drop our bags at an inn on the slope of Mt. Aragatz. After dinner we’ll have the first discussion of pictures.

Day 3: Monday, March 7th

Breakfast, then we’ll set out towards Sevan Lake by way of Tsaghkadzor skiing resort. We’ll use a ropeway to get to Tekhenis mountain, have lunch there, then go on to Sevan. From Sevan Peninsula opens a great view on the wintry lake. Lchashen is a friendly hamlet on the shore of the lake, and later in the evening we’ll stop at Chkalovka, another little village with a picturesque restaurant by the water. After a picture review we’ll spend the night at a nearby inn.

Day 4: Tuesday, March 8th

After breakfast we’re off back south by a different route. If Selim Pass is open to traffic, we’ll drive along Sevan’s shore through Martuni, but if weather fails us we’ll use the main road to Yerevan. Either way we’ll be stopping at interesting and quaint villages and towns along the way, and in the evening visit Noravank monastery in a canyon of red rock. Pictures will be discussed and the night spent at a hotel in Yeghegnadzor farther on.

Day 5: Wednesday, March 9th

Once we’ve had breakfast, we’ll continue south on a mountain road, very beautiful in the winter. We’ll go through the town of Sisian and lunch there, see Karahunj, an ancient observatory, and end the day at Goris, an interesting town. You can take pictures here to be discussed with the rest at the end of the day. Dinner and hotel suites.

Day 6: Thursday, March 10th

After breakfast at the hotel we’re off to Halidzor village, where we can take a ropeway to one of the most beautiful places in Armenia, Tatev monastery. From there we’ll drive north, stopping occassionally, all the way to Yerevan and sleep the night there.

Day 7: Friday, March 11th

For once we’ll skip hotel breakfast and early on head out to a cozy little restaurant at an old Yerevan house. We’ll be treated to hash, a delicious Armenian soup traditionally served on winter mornings, and, also according to tradition, eat it with vodka.

Those who feel like a little nap after this can return to the hotel, it’s close by. The rest can explore the city. Near the end of the day we’ll discuss pictures for the last time, choose the best and enjoy a farewell dinner.

Day 8: Saturday, March 12th