Northern Armenia with Pavel Kosenko and Karen Hovhannisian

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Jul 2, 2015 – Jul 9, 2015

Genre: Travel, Landscape, Genre

The workshop has been completed

Manager: Karen Hovhannisian

Photos of the workshop participants

Here you can view the photos, taken by the workshop participants. These are the best works, selected by the master in the process of joint discussions.


© Evgenia Kilpelyaynen

© Evgenia Kilpelyaynen

© Alexander Dragunov

142 photos from 14 authors

Lead photographer

Pavel Kosenko

Colorist photographer. Devout color explorer and an author of numerous articles on photography and image processing. An author of The Living Digit book (published by Treemedia in 2013). A co-founder of the Fotoproekt, a chain of photolaboratories and a photoschool. An organizer and participant of a number of photo tours across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. An author of a very popular Russian blog on photography and travel.

List of participants is visible to the club members, who have attended at least one workshop.

About the workshop

Dear friends! I invite you to our traditional annual photo trip to Armenia. This time I’ll be heading the group myself, just as I did the first group four years ago. Frameway Club’s first Armenian journey became stuff of legend and one of the most memorable trips we’ve delivered. Then again, all the trips that followed were interesting as well. There’s no reviving past successes, but new excitements await!

We have prepared a cultural-historical-culinary-photographic (of course) journey to the home country of Frunzik Mkrtchian, to the place where water is "second-purest in the world". In the company of friends we’ll travel into the mountains, see ancient churches and monasteries, swim in Lake Sevan, meet Yazidi Kurds and get within viewing distance of Mt. Ararat. We’ll get to experience Armenian hospitality first-hand and, of course, carry home many gorgeous and true-to-life pictures.

This photo trip is for beginning photographers. All you need is any camera with any lens, we’ll teach you the rest. Also you should bring along a notebook for picture reviews in the evenings — in the company of friends, over a bottle of wine.

Pavel Kosenko

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Day 1
Thursday, July 2

Arrival to Yerevan. Check-in, walk in the city, a welcome dinner.

Day 2
Friday, July 3

In the morning we’ll set out south to Khor Virap monastery with a great view on Mt. Ararat. We’ll have lunch in one of the fisheries on the way, by Armash village. Going further south through Tukh Manuk pass we’ll arrive at a region of Armenia best-known for its wine-making. We’ll stop by Rind and Areni villages, meet the locals, by sunset time drive to Noravank monastery and have dinner there. Sleep over at Yeghegnadzor nearby; an intro lecture Secrets of Color Photography will also be delivered.

Day 3
Saturday, July 4

Early in the morning we’ll leave Yeghegnadzor and go through Selim pass to Sevan Lake, making a stop at Martuni. Keep going around the lake to Gavar, to the ancient graveyard at Noratus, see hamlets along the way. Have lunch and make pictures at a quaint restaurant on the shore of Sevan. Check in a hotel nearby, dip in the cool lake waters and prepare for the first picture review.

Day 4
Sunday, July 5

Set out in the morning. Visit Sevan monastery and then Dilijan. After lunch keep moving to Vanadzor and further north, to Odzun Plateau, then to the other side of the gorge where our hotel will be waiting. Second review session, dinner and sleep at Akhpat.

Day 5
Monday, July 6

Go to Akhpat monastery to take pictures in the morning light, drive back on the familiar route to Vanadzor. Lunch at Vanadzor, then without hurry move out south, stopping by Armenian and Yazidi villages along the way. Pass through Spitak and Aparan to Sagmosavan village. Walk to Kasakh river ravine, see pita baked in clay hearths called tonirs, stop by Sagmosavank monastery and enjoy supper by the ravine at a local painter’s house. We’ll spend the night at Byurakan village and hold a third picture discussion.

Day 6
Tuesday, July 7

Set out early to Armenia’s highest point, Mt. Aragatz. Visit Amberd, a medieval castle, meet Yazidi Kurds, a semi-nomadic people, one of Armenia’s ethnic minorities. Climb down a bit and stroll in Byurakan village, have supper at a country home. Drive back to Yerevan and walk through the city in the evening.

Day 7
Wednesday, July 8

Final discussion and selection of best pictures made on the trip in the morning. In the afternoon we’ll hike to Gerard, a medieval monastery half-hewn out of living stone. Onwards to a pagan temple at Garni village, right over a beautiful canyon river Azat flows through. We’ll get to meet local babushkas selling a variety of local sweetmeats, then dine at a fishery/restaurant and set out back to Yerevan.

Day 8
Thursday, July 9